The purified zones will always be terrifying to me.
I didn’t really get why people thought the Batter had 4 eyes. I always just thought he was making a disdainful expression with his eyebrows.
When I first started playing OFF, I was depressed and was looking for something to cheer me up, even just a little bit every day. Well, as time went by, I kept talking to the characters, even though I knew that they couldn’t hear me. Even though I beat the game with both endings, I always smile whenever I see a Batter cosplayer and I always make sure to give them a hug, since he was there for me when no one else was.

I have completed everything that was in my inbox and have everything queued. Inbox is always open for anymore submissions, or questions.

Anonymous said: What if we didn't want to be anonymous?

It doesn’t matter if you send me a submit or ask off of anon, I will be making every confession anonymous. This is to avoid any possible conflict on this blog; however, if you would like to reblog your submission and state that it is yours, feel free to do so. I am not in control of what kind of responses are going to be from reblogs and such, this blog was made so that anyone who does have a confession, whether positive or negative, they can express their feelings on the matter without worrying about any kind of backlash on their own personal blogs. 

I felt awful for the Judge at the end of Zone 2. He was literally so sad after what happened that Zacharie had to come in and temporarily take his place while he mourned.
I get really uncomfortable whenever people try to give The Batter a name other than “Batter.”

I am terribly sorry about the inactivity these past couple of days. I had gotten busy, but was glad to come back to some more confessions in my inbox and I will work on getting those in the queue as soon as possible. 

I a not to experienced with having a queue, so if you have a suggestion of how many I should post in a day, the suggestion is always welcomed. 

When I finished playing my first playthrough of OFF, it was 5:30 am in the morning. I basically stayed up all night crying over this game. That night kind of stuck with me to this day.